Frequently Asked Questions

Aquarius Doors FAQ's

Please find below, the answers to frequently asked questions

What are the doors made of?
The single skin doors are made from a single sheet of galvanised, plastic coated steel. This is then pressed to give the ribbed effect and this is where the doors strength comes from. This door then bends around the drum as the door opens.

The insulated doors are made from double skinned aluminium lath that is hinged together. Because these doors hinge rather than bend, the headroom requirement is less than the single skin doors.

What is delivery time?
Delivery time is between 2 and 3 weeks from date of order

Will I be informed of delivery or installation date?
Yes, we will contact you prior to the delivery or installation to arrange a time to deliver the door.

Do the electric doors require a special electric supply?
The electric motors come with a 13amp plug attached. A 13amp socket will be required to plug the door in. Most people use an extension lead during installation and a permanent feed later on.

What is the delivery charge?
Delivery to mainland UK is included in the price. We do not deliver to Highlands or Islands. We may make a charge to deliver North and West of Aberdeen. If unsure please contact us before you place your order and we will calculate a delivery charge for you.

Is there a rubber seal on the bottom of the doors?
Yes we can supply rubber seals on both types of door. This will help to seal the door against an uneven floor, although if the floor is sloping or very uneven the rubber seal won't be very effective.

How many remote controls do I get with the door and what's the range?
Your door will come with two remote controls (unless you order extra). The range is approx 30m from the door but this does vary from site to site. Local radio interference can affect range dramatically but this is rare.

What is the best way to lubricate my door?
Do not use oil or grease to lubricate the guides of your door. The best form of lubrication is Silicone spray. This gives a clean lubrication to the door. The guides need to be kept clean and lubricated as needed.